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  Hi, you are visiting a philosophic site of mind, social psychology and science.

  You will find something really amazing, interesting and original. The philosophy and theories at this site are different from the mainstream of the academia of the world.

  Philosophy makes things  more concise abstractly instead of making things more complicated. I am trying to describe what I mean in a light and simple way, which is methodology of my philosophy.

  Millions of people have read my articles, which have been discussed, pasted and quoted in family chat, campus discussions, company talks and BBS. More and more people begin accepting my philosophy though a quite number of academic people still sneer at it.

  I regret to say that only a part of my articles have been translated into English, which is not my native language. I will, however, translate them now and then. Internet offers a good opportunity to blend our cultures and philosophies in a much shorter time than ever before. My site will, of course, be often updated and enriched. I also hope to benefit from you.

  Any comments, criticism and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Cui Siling  

Computers and Intelligence

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